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ZTE Skate the Android smartphone gets priced for the UK

Thinking about getting you’re self a new reasonably priced Android smartphone? Perhaps the new ZTE Skate will be right up your street.

The ZTE Skate can be pre-ordered now for £249.99, it features a 800Mhz processor, Micro SD support up to 32GB, 256MB of RAM and also 512MB ROM, the only down side is the internal memory which is only 150MB. The Skate also has a respectable 4.3-inch capacitive screen size, and resolution of 800 x 400, it also packs the usual wireless connectivity of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well.

The Skate will be available on Pay-As-You- Go from Orange when released, and although you may think that £250 is not actually that cheap, when you compare it with similar Android smartphones such as the Desire HD and the Samsung Galaxy SII, it’s a good £200 cheaper.

OK, so I know the Galaxy SII specification doesn’t really compare that well, but if you’re perhaps looking for a slightly more modest spec’d Android phone with a decent size screen you can’t really go wrong with the ZTE Skate.

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