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ZombiU 2 for Wii U Appears (and Disappears) from Amazon.fr

A scary sequel to the infectious Wii U release day title ZombiU has been unearthed via the Amazon France website.

ZombiU 2 was unceremoniously announced and appeared very briefly on Amazon.fr before it was quickly pulled – possibly as some kind of cover-up to hide that the fact that the virus will break out once again on October 17th, 2015 and costing 39.99 Euros according to the online retailer. Screenshots were captured before the listing vanished and were shared to the public by French gaming site Jeux Video. It seems it’s still too early for any screenshots or the gameplay or any box art at the moment.

The first ZombiU was launched in a release day bundle alongside the Wii U console in November 2012 and was one of the main draws to the console after it was teased at the E3 event earlier that year. It was a surprise that Nintendo would neglect its long-time mascot Super Mario and instead use gore and guts to introduce a next generation console but early adopters of the Wii U were gripped by the London-based survival story and puzzle solving elements, which utilised the innovative GamePad as a tool.

Rumour suggests that next time the ZombiU virus arrives it will hit New York and, just like the original, real life landmarks and scenery will be used to add ultra-realism and a return of that sense of dread the original delivered so well.

Interestingly the information leaked from Amazon also stated that ZombiU 2 will be published by Japanese company Namco Bandai rather than the French-based Ubisoft which, after standing by the Wii U at launch, has recently distanced itself from the Nintendo’s platforms.

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