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Yellow Jacket Case Turns iPhone Into Stun Gun!

If you’re anything like us Gadget Helpline bloggers you’ll love your iPhone. You’ll probably also love the idea of owning your very own personal stun gun. With both of these points in mind, we just had to share this discovery over on the IndieGoGo crowd-funding website. This is the Yellow Jacket – a lightning rod gadget that turns your Apple smartphone into a pocket assailant stopper!

Inspired by the first-hand experience of a violent attack on one of its inventors, the Yellow Jacket stun gun was devised to disguise the true nature of the gadget beneath a discrete casing for iPhone 4 and 4S. The smartphone slips into the case, which will become available in black, grey, pink or yellow, and when the top section flips open a pair of electrodes will take just two seconds to charge up so that your iPhone can be used to deliver a 650K sting of electricity into an attacker. It’s fitting the mascot for the project is a wasp!

The electrical part in the end also pulls a double duty, providing an added boost to the iPhone’s battery life and as well as being ultra-cool (and making you feel a little bit like Batman) the innovative add-on addresses the concern for personal safety. The promotion for the Yellow Jacket is aimed at a wide range of potential users including high-schoolers and college girls as well as joggers, those who live alone, late night shoppers and bar patrons.

The gadget’s inventors promise a lightweight, effective and (most importantly) safe, pocket self-defence system which is surprisingly legal in most North American states as well as many other countries worldwide – and because of the rigorous safety measures employed it won’t zap your ear off while you make a call!

At time of writing the IndieGoGo project has ended and has reached online public donations of $102,000 – successfully passing its required funding of $100,000. This means that the Yellow Jacket stun gun will become a reality and will soon be available to buy, as well as coming soon for Android devices!


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