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The X-Files Writer Developing Pilot for Amazon Exclusive ‘The After’

It’s been reported that The X-Files creator Chris Carter will begin developing the story for a new Amazon Studios exclusive television series – an apocalyptic thriller aimed at an adult audience, called ‘The After’.

Unlike other recent web exclusives such as Orange is the New Black and Hemlock Grove, through the likes of Netflix, Amazon Studios will take a more traditional TV development route with The After and a first episode – or pilot – will be made before the series is green lighted and before further episodes become available. If this pilot is successful, we will likely see a full season developed and launched exclusively through the Amazon on-demand video service.

The After will not only be written but also directed by Carter, who also created the underrated TV show Millennium (set in the same universe as The X-Files), and we hope he’ll call in favours from some of The X-Files cast and crew who all appeared to be on good terms at the recent reunion at an American comic event.

No, it’s not The X-Files continuation we had hoped for and which was recently rumoured for a net-based comeback (Mulder and Scully now continue their investigations in comic form) but we’re still excited to see what Carter comes up with 20 years after the first airing of his cult paranormal series.

If you’re familiar with Carter’s writing style on The X-Files and Millennium you can surely expect some enthralling and immersive storytelling as well as some great action and reference to science fact when The After comes to light.

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