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Xbox One Shipping Without Kinect

Microsoft has decided to re-launch the Xbox One console sans Kinect, removing the somewhat troublesome peripheral and bringing the console into price match with Sony’s PlayStation 4 from June the 9th.

The Kinect has been a mainstay of the Xbox brand since 2010 and has allowed players to physically and verbally interact and command their consoles. The device has demonstrated many practical applications outside the realms of gaming and entertainment.

Taking out the motion sensor allows Microsoft to offer players ‘more options’ and also puts the Xbox One alongside the PS4 at the £350 RRP – making it slightly more appealing to those who may have been hesitant to buy the console at the hefty launch fee.

On the flip side, Microsoft will also be offering the Kinect as a solo accessory for those who wish to enhance their Xbox One experience at a later date. The stand-alone Kinect will go on sale later in the year, towards the autumn it’s stated, with a price yet to be announced.

The decision to split the Xbox One and Kinect into two separately sold items was apparently not made by Microsoft itself, but by the gaming and entertainment partners and in response to gamers needs.

Microsoft doesn’t say it but may also be making this move to address the unfortunate number of reported Kinect failures experience by gamers since ‘Day One’.

In many cases the Kinect would not be recognised by the Xbox One or would suddenly stop responding. Reports of these issues would of course have impacted the sales to web-savvy gamers who might have checked other user feedback before making a £400 investment on a next gen console, which got its first untested-by-the-public release on the same day worldwide.

There’s been announcements aplenty coming out of the Microsoft camp this week and as well as hardware news the company has revealed some interesting changes to it’s Xbox Live Gold and online services.

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