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Blockbuster UK Will Not Fulfil Xbox One and PS4 Pre-Orders

Following administration woes not twelve months ago, Blockbuster UK has confirmed it will not be able to fulfil customer pre-orders for the Xbox One and PS4 releases as the blue brand once again faces the red.

The company’s Twitter account @Blockbuster_UK broke the news to customers who have been eager to get to grips with both must-have consoles when they are released next month. The tweet readsWe are once again very sorry to not be able to provide customers with Xbox One or PS4 consoles, but we will refund all validated pre-orders.”

Customers are advised to visit the stores where their pre-orders were placed for a full repayment of their money – but with no guarantee they will get the Xbox One or PS4 on release day as retailer supplies for both are currently minimal at best.

Blockbuster staff can also again prepare (as best as possible) for potential job losses as cost-cutting exercises are quickly executed and the company seeks to kick out from the three count or finds a new buyer.

It was Blockbuster who reported in July that PS4 pre-orders were ‘spiking’ and that the company was ‘absolutely thrilled’ to be part of the day one releases of the exciting new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Unfortunately Blockbuster’s survival earlier in the year appears not to have been as fruitful as the company might have hoped and with suppliers suspending stock this leads to devastating news for some gamers today.

Expect angry mobs to be forming outside surviving BlockBuster stores right about now.

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