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Xbox One uses Kinect to scan QR-type download codes, 25 digit codes to be replaced

Those painful minutes spent scrolling through an onscreen keyboard, entering each letter of a 25 digit download code will be a distant memory once the Xbox One launches, and we foresee gamers jumping for joy.

Microsoft has confirmed that it will be ditching the old 25 digit code system for game downloads, points and Xbox LIVE subscriptions with the Xbox One. Instead, QR-type codes will be used, which the Xbox’s bundled Kinect accessory can handily scan in, saving plenty of time and possible frustration for gamers.

The news came by way of Microsoft’s Marc Whitten, who revealed recently via his own Twitter account the change that would be brought about later this year. Responding to a popular Reddit meme which asked Microsoft to use QR codes as they insist on Kinect coming bundled with the Xbox One console itself.

Whitten tweeted the meme along with the message “To my reddit friends — yup — this works!”

Microsoft has used the alphanumeric code system for a long time with Xbox 360, linking a 25 digit code to things like game downloads, Xbox LIVE memberships and such. Whilst the original Kinect accessory for Xbox 360 was, and still is capable of scanning QR codes, the company has made the decision to switch to scan-able codes with its new console.

The Xbox One will launch around November/December time this year – no official date has been set just yet – with a price tag of £429. It will use a new version of Xbox LIVE and digital downloads will play a more prominent part than ever, so this change is likely to become a very welcome one with Xbox gamers.

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