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Xbox One August Update Available Today

Xbox One receives its August update this week with Microsoft again basing its list of new additions on things requested by its gaming audience.

These new additions were announced by Xbox programming boss Larry Hyrb aka ‘Major Nelson’ who introduces Mobile Purchases to the Xbox Live market place. As one of the most asked for features this will allow gamers the chance to remotely purchase new games, add-on content and apps through a smartphone or tablet with smart glass.

For example, this is ideal if you’re out and about and see a new Xbox One game in a store window but don’t have time to actually go in and queue you can do it on a mobile. The game will be downloaded, installed and ready to play on your console when you get home, providing you have the Xbox One set up for auto updating.

Another new feature brings a useful battery notification from controllers. A long needed addition will present an on screen notification reminding you when your controller is in need of a fresh set of batteries or a boost off a charger pack, before it’s too late.

A couple social features have also been added including updates to the Activity Feed bringing Facebook style likes and commenting between friends. Another area addressed on the social side will be the ability to view friend’s last activity and the last game they were played online. This can all be viewed through smart glass on mobile devices.

Video upgrades in this system software version allow the 3D capabilities of the Xbox One’s Blu Ray App to finally be enabled and notifications can be turned off while watching a video.

The Xbox One August update rolls out from today and the new features should be notable on gamers’ consoles very soon.

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