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Xbox Kinect PlayFit Gets a Running Start – Fitness Monitoring App Free to Download Today

We first heard news of Microsoft’s plan to bring a fitness monitoring app to the Kinect for Xbox 360 back in May and now the update to the Dashboard is now available to install for free to existing Xbox LIVE account subscribers.

The Kinect PlayFit is the first ever fitness tracking application on a video game console and the software monitors your activity unseen but running in the background whilst you enjoy motion controlled games such as Kinect Star Wars, Dance Central and Kinect Sports – or any of the ten titles currently compatible, all of which require you to be physically active with your Kinect.

The data recorded can then be accessed through the PlayFit hub on your Dashboard and you can check up on stats such as how many calories you burned during your gaming session and your heart rate. You can also set yourself goals and achievements and take part in global community challenges with fellow fitness fans on the Xbox LIVE network, keeping yourself socially motivated and earning some sweet bonuses for your live account and avatar.

The Kinect PlayFit is available now in the Apps section of Xbox LIVE and is free to all subscribers.

Currently compatible games are:

Big League Sports
Dance Central 2
Deepak Chopra’s Leela
Disneyland Adventures
Kinect Sports – Season 2
Kinect Star Wars
Let’s Cheer
Nike+ Kinect Training
Sesame Street – Once Upon a Monster
YourShape – Fitness Evolved

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