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Xbox One Controller Will Pair With Windows PCs in 2014

Microsoft is reported to be hard at work on making its Xbox One controller compatible with Windows PC games. It won’t be happening too soon, but the computing giant has confirmed that it certainly is happening and we’ll likely get to enjoy this gaming union in 2014.

Pairing the new Xbox’s control pad with a desktop computer has been a timely process for the team at Microsoft HQ in Redmond due to perfecting the driver software and the vast technological differences between the current Xbox 360 controller and the new Xbox One model.

These are important factors which need overcoming to allow players unhindered wired and more importantly wirelessly controlled gameplay on titles created specifically with the handheld device for Xbox One in mind, but on PC. Currently you can purchase Xbox controllers for PC, but Microsoft is hoping to make the Xbox One controller ‘the one’ for both Xbox and PC. Similar tireless efforts by Microsoft had been put into ensuring quality on the crossover of Xbox Kinect for Windows.

As Microsoft’s accessories manager Zulfi Alam reveals in an interview with CVG, “the Xbox One controller, although it looks similar in many ways, shares no underlying technology with the current Xbox 360 controller.” In fact, the Xbox One controller is said to have more than £100-million worth of research and technology piled into it making it far more advanced than appearances alone might suggest.

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