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Xbox 360 Ultimate Game Sale day 3 adds Crysis 3, Forza Horizon and Left 4 Dead 2

Microsoft has unleashed its third day of sale titles for its “Ultimate Game Sale” on Xbox Live, with a group of new (ish) games, all of which have been hugely discounted and are available until midnight tonight. There is also a host of Xbox download games that can be snapped up for a bargain all week.

Today’s games are Crysis 3Witcher 2Forza HorizonLeft 4 Dead 2 and The Orange Box.  These vary in prices a bit more than yesterday’s offerings, with Crysis 3 for £14.99, Forza Horizon costing £11.99 and both Witcher 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 are priced at £8.99 each.You can pick up the ridiculously good Orange Box (3 games in one box including Portal, Half Life 3 and Team Fortress) for just £4.49. The Orange Box alone will give you months of entertainment.

As usual with the whole “Ultimate Game Sale”, offerings only last for 1 day so you will need to purchase the games before midnight tonight to get these great prices. However, there is still a selection of games available all week including the original Crysis game.

Until July 5th (Friday) Microsoft will be announcing a host of sale games on a daily basis with these sorts of massive discounts, as well as a range of games which are discounted all week. These include;

You can see yesterday’s games here: Xbox 360 Ultimate Game Sale day 2 adds Assassin’s Creed 3, Far Cry 3 and Borderlands 2

What’s more, Xbox LIVE Gold members can also pick up a free copy of Defense Grid: The Awakening as part of the new “Games with Gold” program that has launched, so if you are on Xbox Live then go get your free game!

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