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WWE Network set to Smackdown in the UK this October!

The numbers are in for the WWE Network and after reporting Hulk-sized ratings the 24/7 streaming grapple service will debut in other global regions in the coming month.

The service launched in February 2014 costing $9.99 with a mandatory six month subscription and figures released today show the WWE Network gathering a following of 700,000 subscribers in its first five months. Considering the service is technically only available in the USA (unless you figured out a workaround) we’d say that was hugely successful smackdown for one of the world’s most digitally savvy entertainment companies.

With the hits so high and a $19.4 million draw in Q2 on it’s rookie term, inevitably talk now turns to an international rollout for the WWE Network and.. FINALLY.. its been announced that the immeasurable archive of WWE, WCW and ECW programming including every Wrestlemania and PPV, as well as new and original content, will be coming to the UK this year!

It was believed that the service would slam down on our shores no sooner than 2015, but the official word suggests that it arrives in October and will be available on all the usual digital outlets from we-browser based brawling on PCs and Laptops, to tussles on our tablets and classic clashes on our consoles, including Xbox One through the WWE App.

However, despite citing the United Kingdom as WWE’s second largest market, the Network will not launch here immediately and a number of other countries will get access this coming month. These countries include Australia, Canada, Latin America, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore and Spain to name a fistful.

With the WWE 2K15 video game also ready to rumble and now the WWE Network preparing to unleash ring warriors such as John Cena, Randy Orton and Sheamus in the UK we can perhaps expect some exciting promotional tours as the million dollar McMahon machine rolls into town this October. We’ll keep you informed of all the details of WWE Networks arrival over here as well as the all important pricing info.

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