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Wrestling Icon STING Confirmed for WWE 2K15 Pre-order!

WWE confirmed last night that legendary wrestler Sting would play a huge part in the pre-order bonuses for this year’s upcoming WWE 2K15 video game.

After some well-placed hints from the former WCW wrestler Sting’s Twitter profile suggesting something was going down on 7.14.14 and with months of rumours to support the theory he would be in the WWE 2K15 game, the announcement was made official with a teaser video on the weekly Monday Night RAW show last night.

In the promo a trench-coated figure walks in the shadows as an orchestra plays the memorable tune which heralded WCW’s dark hero, finally turning to the camera revealing a close up of Sting’s black and white war-painted face.

Sting will feature in a WWE 2K15 pre-order package with two defining appearances – an early 90’s colourful neon attire with cropped bleach blonde hair, and in his black costume and ‘Crow’ face make-up which he first adopted during his battles with the N.W.O stable later in the decade.

Not only was the reveal a huge one for grapple gamers but was history making for the wrestling biz as it marked the first WWE appearance of Sting ‘in-character’ since beginning his talks of a deal with the company.

Many would like to have seen him join in on some RAW action but for some of us the opportunity to play as Sting against other legends such as Hulk Hogan who was also confirmed at the recent E3 event and modern heroes of the ring such as cover star John Cena, Sheamus and Bray Wyatt is going to be exciting enough for now.

WWE 2K15 is released on 1st November in the UK on PS3/PS4 Xbox 360/Xbox One. It’s SHOWTIME!

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