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New Wireless Standard 802.11ac Arriving In 2012, 3 Times More Speed

It’s just come to our attention that early next year; we should be able to experience the next Wi-Fi standard which is going to replace the 802.11n.

The new 802.11ac will be 3 times faster than the current offering and will transmit wireless signals on the 5 GHz band, which means that there should be little possibility of interference from wireless phones and rogue microwaves – therefore provide a larger range and faster throughput; making it ideal for streaming HD content and much, much more.

The big difference between 802.11n and 802.11ac will be the bandwidth available. According to the tech specs of the new standard, you should be able to realistically achieve a data rate of around 1.3 gigabits per second. Also, by tripling the data rate, it also means that when you use your smartphone or other portable device accesses your wireless network, you’ll be saving battery life as the data will be transferred three times quicker.

As the moment, the new standard is still technically under development, but it’s thought that the standard will be finalised the middle of next year. However, a while before the “n” standard was finalised there was products available on the market that featured the new speeds; and it would appear that this would be the same with the new 802.11ac – therefore, expect the first round of “ac” products to be made available early next year.

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