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Windows Phone 8 Blue software leaked – New Notifications?

Windows Phone users will be familiar with the lack of handset based Notifications are on the Windows OS, but it appears that Nokia and Microsoft may be preparing a update that could change how the OS notifies its users.

Reportedly an accidentally leaked future OS versioned Nokia Lumia 920 has been purchased online from Ebay and within this purchase the handset has “a bunch of weird apps” along with some interesting new features.

The images and story come from Reddit user ChinaMan28 who said that he purchased the Nokia Lumia 920 off eBay and has found a few nifty features on the device that suggest that handset is a slightly updated mod of the current OS.

Thoughts are that the OS is an early version of the incoming Windows Phone Blue. Amongst the features listed on Reddit (which has since been removed) is a newly update notifications area which shows you a pull-down box of all your notifications and a redesigned calendar interface with weekly views. There is also the ability to sort applications by name and frequency in the app list.

One of the applications called, Here Drive, also mentions “beta BLUE” at the end of its name which helps to point the finger towards the Windows Blue OS software. Now a lot of this is speculation and , and it could all be an elaborate ruse, but what we do know is that the features leaked all point towards an update for the WP8 OS.

Microsoft previously confirmed at the launch of the Nokia Lumia 925 in May that the next update, dubbed DGR2 or Windows Blue will be landing in the summer.

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