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Windows Mobile 6.x officially dies on July 15th

Remember Windows Mobile 6 and 6.5? Such fond memories…No? Us neither.

Microsoft has decided that enough is enough for Windows Mobile 6, and so they’ve announced that as of July 15th, the mobile phone operating system will begin to shut down.

From the 15th onwards, Microsoft will not be accepting new applications or updates to existing applications. Developers won’t be able to make any changes to existing applications on the platform – that includes changing the price, Meta data or anything else whatsoever. This move is obviously one being taken in an attempt to bolster Windows Phone 7 and try to leave the older versions of Windows Mobile behind. Obviously this has angered developers who still use the platform.

Microsoft sent out an official notice to developers which explained the decision, confirming that they would be “scaling back” in the Windows Phone 6.x Marketplace. Despite the changes, apps will continue to be purchasable through the Market, and developers will still get their cut of the costs.

Are you still an avid user of Windows Mobile 6.x? Perhaps you’re an angry developer and are against Microsoft’s decision to axe the OS. Either way, let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Via: WinRumours

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