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WIndows 9 Threshold Preview Imminent

Tech outlet ZDnet has reported that soon we might see a preview version of Windows 9 ‘Threshold’, the new Windows Operating System from Microsoft. Threshold is expected to be fully released at some point next year to replace older operating systems such as Windows 7 and 8.

The rumors have it that a preview version of the software is due at some point towards the end of the year, either late September or early October 2014, with the preview to be periodically automatically updated on a monthly basis as new features are released.

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Threshold is expected to go back to basics, doing away with some of the features introduced in Windows 8, such as switching tiles for a traditional Start menu, or even a rumored ‘Mini Start menu’. The Start menu update may look like an older version, say one from Windows 7, but with the addition of Metro-style apps onto the menu.

Additionally, Threshold is expected to do away with the Charms bar in favor of virtual desktops. The Charms bar is designed for use with touch enabled devices, but apparently Microsoft is aware that the use of keyboard and mouse with the Charms bar makes the bar mostly useless.

A leaked preview of Threshold.

Microsoft is instead going to incorporate features of the Charms bar into other areas of the OS, such as title bars of apps. As for virtual desktops, users should be able to switch between custom built desktops tailored to their own preferences using a button on the new taskbar. Other new features not seen before will also appear to incorporate the unified OS on touch screen devices.

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ZDnet emphasised the fact that Microsoft is looking to ship this public beta of Threshold soon, which would be available to those who are interested in a preliminary version toward the end of calendar 2014.

It’s not yet clear if this public preview and the full version of Windows 9 Threshold will end up being the same thing. The public beta may just be a test platform for new features, incorporating them into a hidden final build of the final OS.

Source: ZDnet
Via: Pocket Lint

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