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Windows 8 tablets hidden by Microsoft in official video?

Microsoft finally lifted the lid on the next generation of the Windows operating system today. We’re sure you read about it here, but if you’ve not got the patience the gist is of a completely redesigned platform built from the ground up to work just as well on laptops and PCs as it does on touchscreen tablets. Oh, and it looks an awful lot like Windows Phone 7.

But putting the details of the operating system itself aside, some potential news has come out of the announcement video that we’re not sure Microsoft intended us to notice.

In the video, company exec Jensen Harris explains the new Windows 8 features and style from the comfort of Microsoft’s design room. On the wider shots, you’ll notice some bits of paper are blurred out. On closer inspection, these seem to strongly resemble tablets or laptop hybrid devices.

Has Microsoft intentionally blurred out the first shots of official partner Windows 8 hardware? Quite possibly. It’s worth noting that the monitor being used in the video is made by HP, so it’s not too much of a jump to assume that HP may be the first manufacturer signed up to produce Windows 8 devices.

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Windows 8 official video

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