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Windows 8 pre-beta version to be unveiled at WPC next Monday?

Microsoft could be readying to unveil an early build of Windows 8 at the Windows Partner Conference next week.

The pre-beta operating system will see light at the keynote this monday when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer details the next 12 months for the company – this is if Twitter source @MSFTtm can be trusted. They’ve played the Windows 8 guessing game before, tweeting details of previous builds and more often than not hit the mark spot on.

4 hours ago @MSFTtm tweeted “At the WPC11 – Microsoft will release a CTP build of Windows 8” – with their track record we’d be hard-pressed to ignore this information. Microsoft are expected to reveal a public beta build of its new platform at the BUILD Developers Conference in September, but it’s been proven before that the House of M like to tease with a pre-beta version of their OS a little while before launching its betas.

Microsoft did this at 2008’s Professional Developers Conference shortly before publically releasing the beta for Windows 7 at Consumer Electronics Show in 2009.

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