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New Windows 8 Phones From Nokia Expected to be Revealed Next Month

Nokia’s second wave of Windows Phones is coming, and according to a few recent sources it could be hitting us as early as next month.

Bloomberg reports that Nokia has plans to announce two new smartphones running on Windows Phone 8 on September 5th, at its annual Nokia World event. This report, which cites one person who is “familiar with the matter”, backs up a previous report by WPDang that indicated the launch of two new Nokia phones on the same date.

Microsoft has now reached RTM status with Windows 8, meaning that its manufacturing partners for tablets and computers now have the final build to test with their products. Windows Phone 8 is expected to be finished in September and launched alongside Windows 8 nearer the end of October, although no official date has been set just yet.

With the announcement of Apple’s next generation iPhone expected to be September 12th, Microsoft may well be keen for its main partner Nokia to get people excited about Windows Phone 8 a week ahead. While there are people out there who already have buying the iPhone 5 firmly imprinted in their plans, we’re sure a little competition will attract the interest of more than a few.

Contradicting the September 5th date is the advertising in Nokia’s flagship store in Helsinki, Finland; its home country. ‘Something amazing is coming… 7.9.2012’ reads the banner in the window; perhaps Nokia will be launching the new phones almost straightaway after its September 5th unveiling.

Nokia World will be taking place in Helsinki between September 5th and 6th, and perhaps, just maybe, its new Windows Phone 8 devices will be making a brief and exclusive appearance in the flagship store only. We’ll need to wait a month to find out.

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Via: The Verge

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