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Windows 8 App Store images leaked?

As I’m sure you’ll all be aware, we’ve recently seen a few leaked screenshots of what we have been led to believe will be Microsoft’s next operating system – Windows 8. Now we have yet another leaked picture which apparently shows a new Windows app store, similar to what Apple offer for Macs.

After looking at the image, we’re a bit unsure as to its authenticity, for example, you’ll notice that there are games listed which are actually pre-installed on Windows, and you may notice the fact that the Angry Birds game shows ClickGamer as the developer instead of Rovio – the game’s real publisher.

Although we have our doubts here, it still may be a genuine screenshot where Microsoft has decided to use placeholder images for illustration purposes, but one final point – wouldn’t Windows Marketplace seem a more appropriate title though, keeping it consistent with Windows Phone 7?

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