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Windows 10 Features Preview

So we’ve heard that instead of going with the previously rumored Windows 9 Microsoft is instead going to head straight for double figures with the upcoming Windows 10 operating system which was previewed on the 30th of September. Let’s do a quick rundown of some of the features confirmed by early testers of the OS.

As we’ve already discussed time and time again, Windows 10 is the ‘unified operating system’ which cost many windows mobile developers their jobs earlier this year. The September 30th preview actually showed the OS running on a variety of devices, pictured at the top of the article.

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Leaks and pre-release sneakiness showed off a brand new Start Menu, which includes Live Tiles. We can now confirm the inclusion of this menu, it does look slightly different to the ones we’ve seen in leaks, but below you’ll find it pictured in its true form. One of the new features is a dedicated search bar which searches both the PC’s contents and the internet through a search engine.

The next big thing in Windows 10 is Snap View. As you may remember from Windows 7, you can right click on the Start Menu and choose ‘Show Windows Stacked’ or ‘Show Windows Side By Side’ to Snap View your Windows in a tidy order. In Windows 10, Virtual Desktops can be created and customised to include the content you need, then Snap View can organise them along with your other windows.

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See the example below, where the user has a Virtual Desktop with some documents and web pages on it, which are relevant to the task they’re doing. These custom Virtual Desktops hold the programs and shortcuts you need for exactly when you’re using them.

For example, if the user is working, they could load a Virtual Desktop with shortcuts to Word, Powerpoint and other business and productivity apps. If they’re simply on Windows 10 for fun and games, they could load up a Virtual Desktop with shortcuts to games, app stores and installed content. It’s simple, and it prevents the need for a single, constantly shown desktop which causes performance issues due to having so many icons up, like the one on Windows 7.

Windows 10 is scheduled for a preview leading up to April 2015, which segways nicely onto a planned Microsoft Event on April 15th, which will most likely be the date we hear about a full release. Watch this space for more revelations from the Technical Preview.

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