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Five wierd and wonderful iPhone 4/4S cases

Today we’ll be opening the door to the the world of iPhone 4/4S cases, and selecting from within five of the weirdest and most wonderful. We’ll have two iPhone 4 cases to start off, then three iPhone 5 cases, just so no one’s excluded. Let’s get right into it!

5. iPhone 4 Back Cover with Dual SIM Mobile Phone

This is the case that inspired this article; a rather special case that embeds an entire mobile phone into the cover of your iPhone! So you have an iPhone on one side, then you turn it around and you have another phone to use as well. It also supports Bluetooth and has a micro SD card slot, so you can use it to really inefficiently carry files around with you. What’s more, the other phone is a dual-SIM phone so you can have up to three SIMs in use at all times. If you have a double or triple life, this is the case to get!

4. Pinlo Slice3 Lumino Glow-in-the-dark case for iPhone 4

This is a one-trick case in the truest sense of the word – by day, it looks like a normal silicone case for the iPhone. In the dark though, it glows bright green! I’m not sure why this would be useful, other than the novelty factor. It would certainly attack a lot of attention in a dark place (like the club, or that alley behind the club) and therefore seems like it would just be a liability, but hey! If you often lose your phone in the dark, this is the ideal case for you.

3. Incipio Stashback Credit Card Case for iPhone 5

OK, this next one is a little more sensible. It’s a case for the iPhone 5 that includes a hidden compartment for your cash and credit cards. Advantages: would-be-thieves won’t know where your wallet is. Disadvantages: actual iPhone thieves will have also stolen your credit cards and cash, and it’s only a matter of time before they discover that fact. Bonus: comes with an iPhone 4 screen protector, which won’t deter theft.

2. Bubblescope 360 Camera Attachment and Case for iPhone 5

Hey, are you tired of really slim and convenient iPhone 5 cases? Well, the Bubblescope 360 is just the thing for you. It adds a massive tube to your phone, ensuring that it won’t be able to lie flat on a surface and definitely won’t be able to fit into your pocket. The benefit is that you’re able to take 360 photographs and videos… something that you can already do with a steady hand and the default camera app, but still pretty cool.

1. Kubxlab Ampjacket Case for iPhone 5

This is the only one on the list that I’d actually buy. While it also makes your iPhone 5 rather bulky and annoying, it also makes it much louder (and therefore more annoying to nearby strangers). The case serves as a kind of acoustic amplifier, a big improvement on the tepid down-facing speaker on the iPhone. If you want to play music or watch videos without using headphones, then this is the ideal solution.


So there you have it – five questionably useful but undoubtedly weird cases for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. Let us know which is your favourite by adding a comment below!

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