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White iPod Touch found online – Could be the 5th Gen?

Pictures of what looks like a new White iPod Touch have appeared online, leading us to suspect that we could see the 5th generation iPod Touch available in 2 colours this autumn.

The glossy white front fascia you’ll see above was discovered deep in the internet by Apple blog 9to5mac. It looks very similar to the current 4th generation iPod Touch – there are holes at the top for the central front-facing camera and the ambient light sensor just the same as you’ll see on the current model.

iPhone and iPod Touch spare parts store iFixYouri were advertising this white digitiser component online, meaning that it could be purchased to replace the front fascia and screen for an iPod Touch. The problem is, iFixYouri don’t tell us whether this is for the 4th generation or 5th generation iPod Touch. Could this be an unauthorised component used to turn your iPod Touch white, or is it a link to the forthcoming 5th generation iPod Touch?

What do we think? Well, after the original iPad Apple decided to make both white and black versions of the iPad 2. It took them a mighty long time, but they also released a white iPhone 4. The only iOS device left in the family yet to receive the white treatment is the faithful iPod Touch. We think that when Apple unveils this year’s new iPod range in autumn, we’ll see both a white and a black version of the iPod Touch.

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Via: 9to5mac

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