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Watch Devlin & Ed Sheeran’s New Music Video on the Streets with Aurasma AR App

London rapper Devlin and ginger warbler Ed Sheeran’s next gig could be in a bus stop near you.

No, the trendy duo has not taken up busking – this is all part of a first of its kind campaign to promote and sell their new single together called ‘Watchtower’ which is from Devlin’s upcoming album ‘A Moving Picture’.

The song is part written by the legendary Bob Dylan and was produced by Labyrinth, and if you pass one of the 2000 poster locations in the UK and are packing the Aurasma Augment Reality (AR) app on your Android device or Apple iPhone or iPad, you’ll be able to bring up the 3D video for the pop pairing’s latest offering. If you like the tune you can quickly link to a purchasable version to download and enjoy through your gadget at any time (song costs £1.99 – released Sunday).

As for the Aurasma app itself, the mobile software has become an increasingly popular way to put a spin on product promotion. The app has recently been partnered with the re-release of a number of Universal Studios DVDs and Blu-Rays and to celebrate 100 years of the movie making company, iconic characters and scenes can be brought to life through the 3D app which utilises the camera feature on our mobile phones to bring a new dimension to a usually 2D image.

The Aurasma app also has been used to bring the characters of Marvel comics explode from the pages of popular publications!

Aurasma app on Google Play for Android.
Aurasma app on App Store for Apple iOS.

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