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Warner Bros Launches Digital Movie Script Collection for Kindle, Nook & Apple iOS

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Fans of film and reading on-the-move might be pleased to hear of Warner Bros. latest announcement that a number of classic movies scripts will be published in a digital format, with additional added content and illustrations for Kindle and Nook readers as well as iOS gadgets.

Warner Bros.’ “Inside the Script” series will begin with Ben-Hur, Casablanca, An American in Paris and North by Northwest, with more to be added to the collection in the future. Each copy will cost £6.49 and as well as including  the original shooting script for each movie in its entirety the downloaded digital editions will come with exclusive production notes and captioning from  those involved in the filmmaking (such as director Alfred Hitchcock on North by Northwest) as well as behind-the-scenes photographs, storyboards, costume sketches and scene reports.

President of Warner Bros. Digital, Thomas Gewecke says “Now we can give fans rarely seen details of how these stories came together and take their enjoyment of films to a whole new level.”

We think the “Inside the Script” series will appeal strictly for the film fanatic and not so much for the casual reader and the price to die-hard cinephiles will be justified by the fantastic content on offer. We do hope that the coming additions do bring things up to date a little and perhaps offer us an insight into modern Warner Bros. classics such as  Caddyshack and Police Academy.


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