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Two Warehouses of “Apple iPhone” Branded Gas Stoves Raided in China!

Here’s an amusing afternoon tea-breaker to give you a little rest from all this MWC news, which has already seen big announcements from the likes of HTC, ZTE, ASUS and Nokia.

We’ve seen that the Chinese will do nearly anything to cash-in on the reputable Apple name, including bootlegging gadgets to counterfeiting entire stores. This latest attempt to grab a few Yuan is purely ridiculous and one of the craziest idea ever cooked up – Literally!

Two warehouses have been raided in Wuhan, capital of the Hubei Province, which contained hundreds of “Apple China Limited” made gas stoves – some bearing a rip-off of the familiar Apple symbol others even claiming to be “iPhone” branded! Unsurprisingly these are not legit Apple wares and over 680 units were seized when the police arrived. Clearly you won’t be making any calls or getting back chat off of Siri on this gadget – and if you tried you’d be dafter than the bootleggers behind these copycat cookers!

We’ve seen some Apple related knock-offs in the past including those impressively realistic Steve Jobs dolls, but this one really takes the cake!

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