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Vue Cinema in Fulham to Become eSports Arena

The Vue Cinema in Fulham Broadway, London is set to become the UK’s first dedicated eSports arena in a partnership with gaming tournament organisers Gfinity.

To be named the Gfinity Arena, the gaming and social venue will be built with the long term goal of raising eSports credibility to the same level as other televised sports and will see one of Vue cinemas multiplex screens completely transformed to feature three custom-built stages and comfy seating for up to 600 spectators. Gfinity and Vue will co-promote contests which will take place every weekend in a 2015 season with 30 events already planned between March and September with other special events to be announced for some weekdays.

As well as being the only live venue for UK-based tournaments some events will be broadcast globally and vice versa so game fans here will get the opportunity to watch other international contests from their seat in the Gfinity Arena. As well as the competitive gaming aspect, visitors to the Vue cinema will also get an early glimpse at forthcoming games and major events from publishers including Activision, Blizzard and Valve.

The Gfinity arena is set to open at Vue in Fulham in early March ready to kick off the opening leg of this year’s Gfinity Championships where the first game contested will be FIFA 15. The choice of location also positions the arena a stone’s throw from the buzz of central London but the future plan is for Gfinity and Vue to take eSports further afield with cinemas in other UK cities also becoming top gaming locations.

Full details of the partnership and plans for the Gfinity Arena can be read at the Vue Corporate and Gfinity News webpages respectively.

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