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Vodafone Reveals Sony PS Vita 3G Deals + Free Memory Card, SIM & Wipeout Game

Sony’s PS Vita is right around the corner with that February 22nd UK release date fast approaching. News comes from Vodafone today regarding the UK network’s deal for its 3G stocks of the anticipated handheld gaming gadget, which has already been released in Japan since the last days of 2011.

The Next Generation Portable from Sony will arrive at Vodafone high street stores and online from day one and will bring with it access to Wi-Fi connections and the 3G data networks to benefit the host of gaming and social features to be found when the Vita surfaces with its generous 5” OLED touchscreen display and quad-core ARM Cortex CPU. To hook one of the desirable devices to Vodafone’s services you’ll be expected to pay up £279 upfront for the PS Vita itself, which will come with free 4GB memory card and SIM. Topping up with a minimum £5 will grant gamers a downloadable copy of Wipeout 2048, completely free to get started with and the small fee will also allow 250MB of data allowance for 30 days.

Check out our “virtual” pre-unboxing (until we get our mitts on the gadget in a couple weeks!) – For now this details what you will find in your PS Vita bundle when you get it, including a look around the handheld itself as well as sample of the included accessories you will find when the gadget arrives. You can read this Gadget Helpline feature –Here.

Just like high street swap shop Gamestation, Vodafone will also be doing deals for trade-ins when PS Vita lands on February 22nd, so that pretty steep price can become a little more budget-able.

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