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VLC Media Player for Windows 8 arrives in Beta

Those who like to download movies and TV content from the web are pretty limited for options when it comes to playing back on Windows 8. Microsoft’s latest OS hardly boasts a wide array of software to choose from, which often leaves users in a jam.

Thankfully the ever-brilliant VLC Media Player from VideoLAN has finally arrived on Windows 8, albeit in beta form. The app has already been around on Windows RT for a while, so those with a Microsoft Surface or possibly another Windows tablet device have been enjoying it for some time. Being that Windows 8 and Windows RT are quite similar in appearance, this app is a direct port from RT:

“VLC for Windows 8 is an experimental port of VLC media player for the WinRT platform” – the app description reads.

Of course, the main advantage is VLC’s sprawling list of compatible file types, allowing the internet media junky to effectively download whatever they want (legally, of course), without having to think about the file type being available for playback.

If you’ve used VLC before on older Windows platforms then this app will appear completely alien to you. Whereas VLC used to be a basic, no bones media player, it’s now a full-screen app with libraries, search tools and album art. It’s a much more colourful and user-friendly app and offers much more when it comes to listening to music, with a ‘favourite albums’ page and the option to listen from an external server. We think it looks like iTunes, Windows Media Player and VLC all rolled into one.

The downside is that VLC for Windows 8 is in beta and it’s also a port, so there are no guarantees that it will work well. In fact, there are known audio bugs and the app is quite sluggish compared to previous versions. However, if you’re desperate to watch a movie you’ve downloaded in an odd format then VLC is well worth a try. Hit the link below to download.

VLC Beta

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