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Virgin Media TiVo Box update rolling out now with new features

Virgin Media’s quite brilliant TiVo set-top box has a brand new firmware update, adding tons of new features and improvements, and it’s coming to your living room very soon.

As of 2am this morning, the new software update began rolling out to TiVo box owners across the UK. Different regions will get the update each day, with Virgin advising customers to leave their boxes on standby so the update can come through automatically at 2am.

The update aims to improve the usability of the TiVo Box and Virgin’s on-demand services, as well as add some cool new features. Firstly, the update will see the official TiVo app for iPad become live. Those with an iPad can set their box to record programs remotely as well as manage their existing recordings on the Apple gadget.

Secondly, Virgin has worked to improve the popular BBC iPlayer integration with their on-demand services. iPlayer catch-up content will now be available in the TV Guide and Catch Up & On Demand menus on the box, rather than having to load the iPlayer app individually.

Thankfully (for me, and for many users of TiVo I’m sure), Virgin has overhauled text entry with the remote. You’ll now be able to use the number keys on your remote like a mobile phone to enter text when searching for content on iPlayer or YouTube for example. No longer will you need to navigate up, down, left and right to a letter, press OK and then repeat until the word is complete. Rejoice!

Speaking of YouTube, the app for TiVo boxes has been redesigned, bringing with it the capability to view videos in HD quality.

Customers will soon be able to purchase Pay-Per-View events live from the TiVo Box, as opposed to calling up Virgin Media themselves to make a payment.

Virgin also says they have improved the Playlists feature in Music on Demand. You’ll now be able to skip through your playlists track by track, whereas before you’d have to listen in full with no interruptions.

Finally, PIN and security options have been updated so you won’t need to enter your PIN every time you want to watch a program that was recorded after 9pm.

The update is rolling out now and over the next week, so make sure you keep your TiVo boxes on standby ready to receive the update overnight.

Virgin Media TiVo subscribers will also be able to download a new Spotify app as of November 29th to stream tunes on their telly box.

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