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Virgin Media To Offer Cheap Spotify Subscriptions

Virgin Media has been chipping away at Sky’s media dominance over the years with a plethora of media content through their set top boxes and fibre optic network.

Well, Branson and Co are now planning to sweeten the deal further with a partnership with music on demand service Spotify.

The company’s CEO Neil Berkett has said that Spotify will be bundled with Virgin Broadband at “a very low monthly subscription” according to Paid Content.

Spotify does, of course, come in two flavours; the £4.99 for unlimited music and the £9.99 version – where you can have the service on your mobile phone.

The thought of getting the premium version with your broadband and TV at a discounted rate seems like a great idea to us. The ability to listen to millions of tracks both on and offline, wherever you are, is the future of the music industry.

Unfortunately Virgin is keeping quiet on exact prices, but we’d expect the bundle to come in much cheaper that the current £10 a month price tag for the premium version.

Berkett told market analysts that his company would offer Spotify for ‘significantly less’ than the current cost.

Apparently Virgin wants to do the same for movies, but the industry dinosaurs aren’t quite ready to change their ways in a similar fashion to the ailing music industry.

But don’t be surprised if, at some point, the movie industry eventually does realise that it is better to get a little bit of money for every film that is watched, rather than let the pirates run off with all the treasure.

Spotify is quickly becoming a market leader in on-demand music distribution and with an expected deal in the works with Facebook, and a successful North American launch, the small start-up from Sweden could well be heading for world domination.

Would you consider switching to Virgin Media if you could get the amazing Spotify on the cheap? Let us know by tweeting us!

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