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VEVO App Lands on Xbox 360, Offering 45,000 Music Videos

Xbox 360 users in the UK and Ireland, Canada and U.S can now download the official VEVO app onto their dashboard completely free.

The app provides access to over 45,000 music videos by 11,000 artists, and is an extension of the popular VEVO YouTube channel. You can download the official app in the same way as any other from the Apps section on the Xbox 360 dashboard.

VEVO features support for Kinect, allowing users to swipe through menus and control playback using motion, and also to search for videos using the Kinect’s voice recognition technology.

The app brings everything from music videos to live concerts to interviews to television shows, all into your living room via the Microsoft Xbox 360 dashboard. It’s the first dedicated app for music videos on the console, and joins other video apps like YouTube, Netflix and Lovefilm that have been around since the end of 2011, when Microsoft first launched the Metro-themed dashboard update.

Apps on the Xbox 360 are only just starting to take off, and we anticipate many more to be added this year. We’d like to see apps from Spotify and Google; perhaps the latter could offer a Reader app so we can keep up to date with the latest tech news!

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