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Underground, Overground Wi-Fi-ing Free! London Olympic Wireless Scheme Escapes the Tube

After it was announced last week that Virgin Media will be working to bring free wireless internet to our mobile devices at 120 of London’s Underground stations before the end of 2012, with 80 of those installed in time for the Olympic Games in June – today it’s been announced that rival BskyB has signed up to bring Wi-Fi communications to our pocket gadgets on the equally as important, but slightly less remembered Overground rail service.

The city of London is making a lot of much needed adjustments to accommodate not only the games themselves but also the massive amount of human traffic, with thousands upon thousands of spectators and travellers from across the globe expected to arrive for the Olympics, which will be held in the British Capital for the first time since 1948. BskyB will begin working on the Wi-Fi scheme in the coming months to cater for a number of main stations (but not the trains themselves), and like Virgin and its Tube service, hope to have the Overground network fully covered by the end of the year.

Travellers will be required to complete a registration form and set up an account before receiving one hour free Wi-Fi access per day, but this only need be done the one time and if you want a little longer to communicate with pals and plan your perfect vantage spot to check out the variety of events being showcased, you can easily top up additional time at cost.

Spectators from overseas (or underseas) will also benefit from Wi-Fi supplied by French Telecoms in the Channel Tunnel, with wireless internet delivered 250ft below sea level! Check out the Gadget Helpline’s coverage of this story – Here.

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