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UK research reveals speed drop during ‘post-teatime’ broadband sessions

UK research site Uswitch has discovered that internet broadband speeds drop by around 35% in comparison to off-peak times.

The survey, which is based on 2-million broadband speed tests reveals the net is said to lag between the hours of 7pm and 9pm. That’s the post-teatime peak when Facebooking and YouTubing takes over much of our recreation time. There were recorded differences between the regions andt hose suffering from the worse service between these hours are in the more rural areas which already struggle to get a decent service from their internet providers. Weston-Super-Mare experiences an average decline in speed from an average 9.5Mbps to 3.4Mbps – that’s a drop of 64% during peak time.


These findings are quite evident to those of us who use the internet as a way to wind down after a hard day’s work with streaming music and movies or with… …less tasteful video content. But until now we’ve never really know the figures and the results of this survey are quite an eye opener. Ernest Doku, tech expert at Uswitch says “Not many internet users enjoy the maximum headline broadband speeds offered by providers and certainly not during the working week”.

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