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UPDATE: T-Mobile and Orange Also Set For Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Launch – Coming End of April

After O2 and Three announced they would both be stocking the newly-revealed Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 and the Ace 2, this afternoon they are joined by Orange and T-Mobile with the latter tweeting “For those wondering, we plan to range both the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and Galaxy Mini 2. Details on pricing and availability to follow.”

As with T-Mobile, there is still no pricing or set release date for the new additions to the Samsung Galaxy family from any of the UK networks named but we will endeavour to bring our readers this information as soon as it becomes available.

[Originally Published on: Feb 21, 2012 @ 11:56]
O2 and Three are the first UK networks to pull an ace out of their sleeve. A Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 to be precise – revealing that they will be both stocking the freshly announced gadget at some point in late April.

We detailed the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2’s respectable spec earlier this morning along with the Galaxy Mini 2 – but for a brief recap, the diminutive device is set to deliver a 3.8” 800 x 480 resolution WVGA display with 800MHz dual-core CPU and 4GB of internal storage. The mobile also features a reasonable 5-megapixel rear-facing shooter with front-facing VGA camera for video calling purposes.

The Galaxy Ace 2 will start off life on the O2 and Three networks with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but it is presumed a boost to Nexus release partner 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is inevitable and will deliver features such as face unlock and Android Beam for quick and easy file sharing.

O2 recently got itself into hot water by allowing its customer web-browser details to be shared to third party websites, causing spam SMS and cold calling, but that leak has since been sealed and all seems forgiven now and we look forward to finding out price plans and a specific shipping date from both of the networks. The Gadget Helpline will be following this little Ace all the way to bring you the latest as we hear it.

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