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Three UK Introduces Flat Rate Roaming Charge in Time for Your Holiday

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Summer is almost here, although in typical British fashion you wouldn’t know it, and as such millions of us are likely to be plotting to flee the country in search of warmer climes.

Unfortunately heading abroad usually puts many people off using their phones, especially for popping online. We know that many simply turn off their internet connection and keep it that way until they return, although some will want to quickly check their emails and the news back home. Some are unfortunately caught out and will return to find a massive phone bill, something that several UK networks are trying to reduce the risk of.

One such network is Three, who just announced an excellent flat rate package for those heading to European countries. The Euro Internet Pass will cost Three customers a reasonable £5 per day for unlimited internet usage in any “supported” country in Europe. When you think that networks can sometimes charge as much as £3 per megabyte of internet usage, a fiver seems a veritable bargain for as much as you can use.

The plan is available from today, and customers can add the bundle to their monthly tariff either by calling Three or doing it online. You can also text Three from your holiday destination to get the pass added as and when you need it.

Unfortunately the day pass will expire at midnight UK time, so be wary of that extra hour or two you may be ahead or behind home time, and your usage may limit you to non-intensive applications, so streaming is probably a no.

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