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Ubisoft Might Release ZombiU on Xbox One and PS4

After bailing out on Nintendo Wii U, French games publisher Ubisoft is rumoured to now be looking to adapt one of the console’s stand out titles ZombiU for release on other platforms including Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Ubisoft stood firmly alongside Nintendo at the E3 event in 2012, where the Wii U was first unveiled and a selection of the publisher’s titles were announced as being specifically developed for the new platform. The future looked bright for the partnership.

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That was until, further along the line, when the PS4 and Xbox One were launched and it came time to talk about big titles such as Assassin’s Creed Unity which Ubisoft decided to completely skip on Wii U. This began the rift that saw Ubisoft pretty much abandoning the Wii U as a viable platform for its wares. It just wasn’t powerful enough to them in terms of graphics and processing to keep up with the demands of the games Ubi was releasing.

ZombiU was one of the defining moments in the Wii U’s early life. The game was bundled in some starter packs and was designed to utilise the GamePad and showcase the new Nintendo console’s innovations. And it was actually a highly enjoyable game that showed Nintendo was willing to be grown up when it really counted. Now it’s thought that the exclusivity of ZombiU – the one time the Wii U really nailed it, might be tainted by the game coming to other consoles.

This news is even more bittersweet when you realise that it comes in wake of Ubisoft shutting down an anticipated sequel to ZombiU, which was to be based on the Wii U and set to be released in October 2015 (according to an Amazon.fr leak in November last year.)

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With less than a week until E3 and Ubisoft set to be there is it possible to see the publisher side with the next gen power players and announce the new ZombiU at the biggest event in the gaming calender? At the very least we’re interested to see how that might work.

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