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Twitter Reveals Redesigned Homepage for Desktop Users

Brick by brick Twitter has been rebuilding its social networking experience in a number of ways, from new methods of navigating the tweet feed and viewing media on mobiles to showing us what we might have missed since our last log in. The latest change will be evident even before logging onto Twitter as they’ve started rolling out a brand new homepage and sign-in screen for desktop browsers.

The invitingly redesigned home page is intended to greet new visitors to Twitter.com and features a soft blue to turquoise header with the usual sign-in/sign-up option on the right with various subjects of interest in text links on the left. These offer a place to start your Twitter journey with some suggested accounts to follow and subjects include News, Sport, Entertainment and Music. Down the centre of the page there are pictures offering more specific subjects such as Pop Stars, Actors & Actresses, TV Shows & Star, Cute Animals and Tech Blogs. Each option will take you to most the popular profiles to follow and the current trending topics. There’s also a search field to do some exploring for yourself.

Initially rolling out in the U.S, Twitter desktop users new and existing should see the changes from today and the new homepage should appear providing you’re not set to automatically sign-in, otherwise you may be directed straight to your feed. We think it’s worth signing out just to take in that warm welcoming feeling!

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