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TV on Android made possible by addition of TV shows to UK Play Store

Android smartphone and tablet owners in the UK can now download and watch TV via the Google Play Store, with popular shows like Luther and The Big Bang Theory ready and waiting for download.

The UK is only the second country outside of the US to get TV content in the Play Store, with telly rentals and downloads joining the already vast catalogue of digital media which includes apps, books, movies, magazines and more.

Studios including the BBC and Sony are on board, meaning that huge US shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are on offer alongside current UK favourites Luther.

If you’re intrigued but not yet willing to dip your feet into the world of Google Play purchases, three free episodes can be found. Pilot episodes for The Big C, Justified and Battlestar Galactica can be downloaded on an Android smartphone or tablet and watched for free, which is quite a nice offer from Google.

Episodes can be purchased and downloaded in either standard or high definition, priced at £1.89 for SD and £2.49 for glorious HD. You can also subscribe to a season pass and get every episode downloaded as they’re uploaded to the Play Store – season 5 of Breaking Bad is £15.49, for example, which isn’t too shabby.

Google says that more content will be added, but for now there seems to be a good selection from different studios through all sorts of genres. Something for everyone…almost!

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