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Transport for London Launches Twitter Accounts for Individual Tube Lines

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With the Olympic Games looming over us London is soon to become a hectic metropolis of tourism. In our fine capital we rely mainly on the underground system and the classic red buses to get around, but it’s going to become tricky soon with the influx of people.

Transport for London, the company behind the tube system, is ramping up preparations ahead of the games, updating smartphone apps for both the tube and bus services and generally enhancing its digital presence. Its latest ploy is to hit Twitter, and soon you could find yourself following @northernline and other tube lines on the social micro-blogging site.

That’s right, TfL has created individual Twitter accounts for the 11 tube lines which it will use to keep Londoners and tourists alike up to date with the latest goings on for each line and the stations associated with it.

There are also the @TfLTrafficNews and @TfLtravelalerts accounts for real time updates on the London Underground, London Overground and Docklands Light Railway services. However, for those who tend to take the same route on a regular basis, the individual tube line accounts will come in handy for filtering out unwanted updates and getting to what you need to see.

Those accounts are as follows: @bakerlooline, @centralline, @circleline, @districtline, @hamandcityline, @jubileeline, @metline, @northernline, @piccadillyline, @victorialine and @wlooandcityline.

You’ll need to remember to refresh your Twitter app or page before heading into the tube of course, but we’re sure the new accounts will come in handy for keeping everyone in the loop as things happen. We’ll certainly be following them for our trip to the Olympic Games!

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