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Toys R Us offers PS4 pre-order for £339, puts release date at December 13th

Although Sony managed to significantly undercut its rival Microsoft by pricing the PS4 at £349 – almost £80 less than the Xbox One – retailers are already trying to go lower in an attempt to get the pre-orders in early.

Toys R Us is currently taking pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 at the lowest price we’ve seen yet; £339.99. Furthermore, the retailer states that the console will be available from December 13th. Sony didn’t confirm an exact release date alongside the price at E3 earlier this month, simply saying it would arrive later this year but in time for Christmas.

The retailer states in the small print that it will contact any pre-order customers about date or price changes but doesn’t allude to there being a chance of that happening, so December 13th could well be the magic day for PlayStation fans in the UK.

This price is for the console package on its own – no games bundled in, nor the PlayStation 4 Camera which is now an accessory and isn’t included in the box as we originally thought would be the case. In the box you’ll find the 500GB console, a DualShock 4 controller, HDMI, USB and power cables and a stereo headset.

Most retailers have priced the console at the RRP of £349 or a quid or two cheaper, including Sainsburys, Amazon and Zavvi. Others are reserving judgement on the final price and are only taking a deposit to secure a console for the customer, such as GAME.

The console itself features a whopping 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, an 8-core x86-64 processor and faster Blu-ray drive, all of which are needed to usher in the next generation of high definition home gaming. A number of titles have already been revealed for Sony’s new console and we’ve picked out the cream of the crop in our E3 roundup for you to pore over whilst you count down the days until your pre-order arrives.

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