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Total Film, SFX and Games Radar to Unite Forces Online

Brit publications Total Film, SFX and Games Radar have announced today they are to unite their online news forces in a new super team-up which will parallel the likes of IGN.com.

Bringing together all the best loved movies, science fiction and game related journalism in a ‘super entertainment destination’ the new site when launched will cover everything under one universal banner and act as an ultimate geek news haven with all the latest galactic gossip and extraordinary exclusives that we’ve come to expect from the individual sites.

The idea itself is stated to be more socially sharable, to be more mobile friendly and ‘technically advanced’. Previous articles from Total Film will be revisit-able immediately in digital time travelling style on the new site which will feature an archive of new from favourite franchises and SFX features will be add in January.

All under the Future Publishing label Total Film has most famously appeared in print for the past 13 years with SFX boasting a more lengthy printed tenure of 19 years and joined be the popular Games Radar website they undertake an ambitious mission which the Gadget Helpline has really high hopes for and more launch information is promised soon from these fantastic fan favourite publications.


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