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Toshiba reveal Apple iPhone 5 / 4S screen at Los Angeles conference?

Devoted fans of the Apple brand are getting their fill of rumours already this week, with possible iPhone camera leaks and a “secret” in-store launch of a new product expected this weekend – the near-religious experience of the Apple worshipper is hitting its zenith.

Now Toshiba have hit the Society for Information Display conference in Los Angeles showing off a 4” 367ppi LCD display – a similar screen to that rumoured to be coming along with the next-gen Apple iPhone (iPhone 5? iPhone 4S?). Whispers escaping the Toshiba booth have, of course, got Apple disciples heralding the next coming.

A screen comparable to that of large display Android gadgets would definitely be advantageous to the iPhone and a considerable boost from the iPhone 4’s 3.5” display. This would bring the clarity and big screen appeal of hugely popular rival phones. We’re sure a previous rumour suggested that Apple has approached a Toshiba manufacturer in regards to making some of the tech for the re-incarnation of the iPhone?

But once again – another day, another iPhone rumour!

Apple fans should have their iPhone prayers answered this September.

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