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Top 5 accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S line is one of the few in the Android world that can attract the same attention as Apple’s iPhone. That attention comes across in the form of mainstream awareness, enthusiast blog articles and a swarm of accessories. Today, the latter two of these meet as we look at five of the best Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories to be announced so far.

5. Spigen SGP GLAS.t Screen Protector

While the Galaxy S4 will include a display protected by Gorilla Glass like its predecessors, it’s a folly to believe that the screen is impervious to damage. While scratches on the screen are difficult to achieve, there’s still a good chance of the screen shattering if it falls without a case. The SGP GLAS.t screen protector aims to prevent that by adding a secondary layer of impact-resistant glass. Of course, this also means any scratches will also be taken by the easily replaceable screen protector instead of the screen itself.

4. DriveTime Adjustable Car Kit

The DriveTime Adjustable Car Kit looks like one of the best all-in-one in-car solutions for the Galaxy S4 to hit the market so far. The kit includes two components – a car holder which holds the S4 in place by attaching to the windscreen or dashboard, and a micro USB car charger which provides enough charge to keep the phone topped up, even if it’s being used as a GPS navigation unit.

3. Genuine Samsung Extra Battery Kit

This is one of the more clever first-party accessories for the Galaxy S4: A kit which contains a spare battery for the S4 and a combination battery charger and desk stand. The spare battery is a genuine Samsung one, precisely the same as comes with the phone, and obviously will allow you to double your battery life with very little effort. The charger is sleek and stylish in the Samsung way, and works as a desk stand for the Galaxy S4 as well – definitely a capable package.

2. Mu Foldable USB Mains Charger

While many smartphone AC adapters are cleverly designed, as they are built to serve multiple continents and competing power standards, none of them are ideal for use in the UK. The Mu is a UK-specific foldable mains charger that does its best to mask the inefficiencies of the massive English plug. It’s a good shout if you’re looking for an AC adapter to keep in your bag or pocket, and perfect for those who like to travel light.

1. Samsung S View Cover

This is another rather clever Samsung invention – a cover for the Galaxy S4 that includes a small window at the top. The window is cleverly aligned with important information displayed on the phone, like incoming notifications, caller ID and the current time. The cover, like the Samsung Flip cover, replaces the rear cover of the phone with a more durable variant so the overall bulk added is quite minimal. Overall, it’s a well designed case that should be one of the best available for the Galaxy S4.


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