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Top 5 accessories for the Google Nexus 10

Not so long ago Google launched a new flagship 10-inch tablet in conjunction with Samsung. The new Nexus 10 boasts a screen that topples the new iPad from the top of the pile and the latest version of Android for a lower price than Apple’s offering. In this article, we’ll be having a look at accessories for the most powerful Android tablet on the market today: the Nexus 10.

5. MFX Screen Protector

With such a gorgeous screen in the Nexus 10, you’ll definitely want to keep it in good condition. Particularly if you’re going to be using the tablet without a case or pouch, a screen protector can be invaluable for resisting against scratches and other damage. This MFX screen protector is particularly good because it offers a name brand at a very low price point.

 4. Cellular Line Crab Mount 

This aquatic contraption is ideal for using the Nexus 10 in the car, whether you’re looking to use the tablet as a satellite navigation system or as a movie machine for your passengers. The arms of the crab hold the tablet securely in place even if a case is in use, while the ball joint and secure suction cup ensure a firm connection to your dashboard or windscreen.

3. High Power Dual USB Car Charger 

This Avantree USB car charger provides 2.1A of power through two USB sockets, enough for charging the Nexus 10 at full speed or charging two smartphones simultaneously. This car charger is compact and well made, and should serve as a nice complement to the crab that we looked at earlier.

 2. SD stand and Type Case 

This case for the Nexus 10 provides two of the big functions you’d expect from a good case at a low price: protection and an integrated stand. The SD is made of an attractive faux leather material, which isn’t the thinnest option on the market but should prove quite durable.

 1. Pad Pivot NST

This clever stand is the only one on the list that I’ve actually bought. It’s a fairly multi-functional stand, with a slot for a fairly limited but common range of motion as well as a ball joint mounted sticky pad which provides a much wider range of angles. The pad pivot is also shaped with a curve, allowing it to easily be used on your leg. There’s even a strap which will secure the stand in your leg further, although I’ve never had the occasion to use it. All in all, an essential accessory whether you plan to write, draw or game on your Nexus 10.


So there we have it – five top accessories for the Nexus 10. There’s still quite not as many as there are iPad Mini accessories, but we’ve definitely seen enough great Nexus 10 accessories to fill out the list!

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