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THQ’s studio cuts lead to formation of three new companies

Following the closure of THQ Digital Warrington and Kaos Studios – staff of the THQ subsidiary groups have gone on to form three new studios after 50 of their number were released from the parent company.

"Warhammer 40K: Kill Team" will be the last title from THQ Warrington Studios

Addressing the staffing struggles studio boss Colin Bell states “We’ve provided around 400 man years of employment over the last eight years and that is no mean feat”. Bell now steps away from the gaming biz, after founding UK-based Warrington Studio in 2003 as Juice Games – the creators of the “Juiced” series and “Red Faction: Battlegrounds”.

Kaos Studios, based in New York, was formed in 2006 and was behind first-person shooters such as “Frontlines: Fuel of War” and “Homefront” which saw the parent company suffer a 26% stock drop in March 2011, after the game was poorly received.

THQ is a company with many branches within the gaming industry and within the ever-growing market it would seem they’re not afraid to cut loose a few bad apples.

From the ashes, however, “Alien Apple Studios”, “D3T” and a third unnamed company have emerged after the THQ cuts back in June, with only ten staff at Warrington remaining to complete work on upcoming Playstation Network title “Warhammer 40K: Kill Team”.

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