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Tetris Movie In The Works?

A new movie based on classic game Tetris is on the way… and just what on earth is the plot even going to be like? The studio behind the movie known as Threshold Global Studios doesn’t have a script, or a concept for the film, but apparently it’s going to be a ‘sci fi thriller’ based on the franchise.

Now as well all know, Tetris is a game where you arrange the blocks that descend upon you from up above. As they come down you spin them around until the fit into lines like a hand in a glove… to paraphrase a popular Russian-themed fan song about Tetris. At any rate the concept of the block stacking title is so abstract it’ll be interesting to see how the game translates to a movie.

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In a year that’s seeing an Assassin’s Creed film as well as other video game movies such as Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat, The Angry Birds Movie and Warcraft, a new Tetris movie sounds like a continuation of the new culture of reboots and game movies we’re seeing. New content seems to be on the decline… for now.

Modern revamps of the game have come and gone… but we’ve never heard of a Tetris movie before.

This Tetris film isn’t going to be a one shot either, the studio behind it says there will be enough funding for the video game title to produce not one but three titles based on the game. We’re still scratching our heads as to how they’re going to make so much content out of one of the simplest video games of all time.

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At the moment the movie doesn’t even seem like it’s going to come to Hollywood, with no big acting names attached and apparently being filmed in China for a Chinese audience. Kind of a letdown for fans in the west but who knows, things might change and we might see the movie arriving on big screens over here. Fingers crossed, it sounds like a laugh.

Source: BBC

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