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Tesco Direct selling PS4 console for just £319 until Sunday!

UK supermarket Tesco has discounted the price of the Sony PlayStation 4 to just £319 in a limited time online only deal – along with cost cutting a range of other must-have consoles. It may be April the first but you’d better believe these bargains are no joke!

The PS4 stand-alone console would usually cost £349 from Tesco Direct but the offer knocks £30 off that asking price before Sunday 6th April, with all the bits in the box needed to get you started with the next generation high definition gaming – minus the games, that is. However, Tesco does also have an offer on a PS4 bundle with piratey adventure game Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag included in the pack for just £355.

If Microsoft gaming is more your style, the Xbox One can be picked up for a bargain with FIFA 14 or the new sci-fi bestseller Titanfall for £369.99 and portable playtime is on offer as well with the Nintendo 3DS XL Yoshi Special Edition Bundle and PS Vita 3G model with Mega Kids Pack both available at a discounted price of £139 respectively.

To claim the deals from Tesco.com/direct you’ll need a pair of voucher codes to enter during at the checkout process. These codes are TD-FG6N and TD-YWP4 – and apparently, according to those who have already made most of the deals, the coupons can be redeemed as many times and on as many eligible products as you wish within the offer timeframe.

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