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Quick App: Taxis App For iPhone

We’re always on the lookout for great Apps at The Gadget Helpline, especially free ones that can help you out in daily life, and today’s suggestion is a must for any iPhone user who struggles to find a taxi.

Have you ever been out for drinks with your friends and struggled to find a taxi home? Or been at a celebration in the middle of nowhere, with no taxis in sight? Well, never again. Welcome to the newly launched Taxis app for iPhone.

Created by Manchester-based illuminApp; the company have come up with a clever free app that solves this very problem.

The App is available to download now from the Apple App Store and comes with an up-to-date database of 14,000 taxi companies across the UK.

Using your iPhone’s GPS the app will automatically pull up the taxi companies that are around you within a 3-mile radius, wherever you are in Wales, Ireland, Scotland or England.

The app has been designed to be quick, free and painless – upon opening the app you are asked if the app can use your location, once you click ‘yes’ a list is already presented with Taxi numbers in order of distance from your current location. Choose the taxi and you’re given a choice to call the Taxi company and book yourself a ride home.

Of course, if one taxi company is busy there are many others in the list, so there will never be a struggle to find a lift home again.

We’d recommend that if you have an iPhone you need this app in your life – we have no doubt that it will come to your rescue many times and with nothing to pay, what have you got to lose ?

You can download this handy app from the Apple App Store here.

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